Couples Services

Couples Spa Massage Novi MI

Relax and unwind and experience an herbal induced euorphia centering to couples. The two of you will be indulged with a customized couples massage (or Facial!) with an herbal remedy selected by you.

  • Renew-encourages muscle circulation, while energizing the senses
  • Balance-warming blend that grounds the mind, restores internal balance
  • Detox-cleansing oils known for there decongesting and diuretic properties
  • Rest-ease fatigue and soothe an overstressed nervous system

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Signature Couples

The Signature Massage is a personalized spa experience tailored to your specific needs, combining a variety of massage techniques to promote relaxation, relieve tension, and enhance your overall well-being.

50 or 80 minute massage

Deep Tissue Couples

Deep Tissue Massage is an extended therapeutic spa treatment that targets muscle tension and knots using firm pressure and specialized techniques. Ideal for those seeking comprehensive relief from chronic pain and tight muscles.

50 or 80 minute massage

Signature Facial Ritual For Two

These sessions are perfect for couples or friends who want treatments together. Two therapists and two rooms are used during these services. Relax and enjoy!
50 min

Slow Beauty Signature Pedicure & Manicure Ritual – Two-By-Two

Slow Beauty begins with an opening breathing ritual created to suit your mind, body, and spirit needs. The signature fragrance will allow you to travel through an aroma journey while ultra luxe exfoliation and masque treatments will renew and restore hydration, moisture and youthful glow. Experience the signature slow beauty massage as it melts away tension and stress while nails are finely groomed and perfectly polished.
50 min