Gentlemen Oasis {men spa}

Gentlemans Oasis Spa Novi MI

Indulge in the ultimate retreat with our exclusive Gentlemen’s Oasis services, specially tailored for the modern man. Experience the rejuvenating power of our tailored facials designed to invigorate and refresh your skin, and expert massage services that relieve tension and promote relaxation. Escape the hustle and bustle, and treat yourself to a haven where grooming meets relaxation, ensuring you leave feeling revitalized, confident, and ready to conquer the world.

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Homme Facial for Men

Customized facial adapted to men’s needs

This tailor-made facial treatment utilizes specific actives and products that address men’s skin. A potent, targeted serum and mask are selected based on the skin’s individual needs whether oily,dry,sensitive, or mature.

Duration: 50min

Deep Tissue Massage

This deep tissue massage releases the chronic tension throughout the body, using slow strokes and deeper pressures. It also helps increase energy.

Duration: 50 min

Relaxation Package for Him

  • Deep Tissue Massage with Aroma Therapy
  • Homme Facial Treatment
  • Allowed time 2 hours